Linda OefflingI began this blog to share information about my fused glass work.  I started expanding by posting other things that I have found online, and so the blog has evolved into a place where I can share the unusual, odd, beautiful or inspiring things that people are making around the world.

I have always been happiest in learning.  I have a degree in teaching special ed, but that career did not hold for long.  As computers became more and more a part of daily life, I was drawn into technology.  Self-taught in the Adobe programs, I eventually started a business with a partner in graphic design.Rowanberry Mandala

I am also largely self-taught in my glass work, having taken an informal class in stained glass many years ago.  I have tried many art mediums. I love to create, but glass is the only form that continues to hold  my interest.  It is the only form where I have found satisfaction and success with my pieces, and I always feel the thrill of striving for something more in what I want to convey.

Rowanberry Mandala 2As I research the world of art online, it becomes clearer to me that art is truly undefinable.  Artists are reviled and exalted, they are egotistic self-promoters and introverted creators, they are found in museums, galleries, craft shops and basement studios, they are highly trained and they are outsiders. The art that I prefer takes me outside of myself, it is beauty and emotion, it resonates in my soul.

Linda Oeffling

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks so much for your kind comments! The Riihimäki museum link is wonderful. I will continue to look through your blog – there is so much to see. It is so amazing that we can “travel the world” through the internet. I love meeting people like yourself who share their lives, interests and photos. Very inspiring.

  2. Hi.

    Because You are interested in glass, I dare to give my link to

    Riihimäki Glass museum.

    There are three posts from this great museum in Finland.

    I have plenty of art post, which You find easily under Categories. Try and get amazed. There is such art that cannot be found anywhere else. Personally I love our carved wooden art. Some are together with travel posts; one example under Beyond the Arctic Circle 2.

    I took look at all Your post and loved them. Thank You making so great posts.

    Have a lovely day!

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