stream of light

I came across a beautiful piece of sculpture on design boom the other day. Take a look at the work of Rolf Sachs.

rolf sachs
Rolf Sachs, Ewiger Lauf

There is just a beautiful feeling about this sculpture.  The hewn trough, the rough old bucket and battered stool.  Dusty, workman’s things, highlighted by a glowing stream of blue light.

rolf sachsRolf Sachs, Ewiger Lauf

Sachs has a fun website as well.  Put your cursor over the various objects to get a closer view, or a glimpse of imagination at work: My favorites are the white house with the staircase, and the round thing on the wall that looks like an old-fashioned thermostat.  You just want to meet this guy because he has got to be a lot of fun!

Sachs is a business tycoon who is also an artist-designer, working out of London. He started in business, but over the years found the need to create taking over more of his life.  He states, “Now I am 40 percent business, 40 percent studio, and 20 percent everything else I love to do in life”.

rolf sachsRolf Sachs, Gargantua

“We all have these incredibly huge egos, but actually we are just a small part of an enormous universe. I want people to look at this and for it to put a smile on their faces, because life demands humour more and more.” ‘Rolf Sachs, from an article in The Financial Times, December 7, 2007, “the Joy of Sachs”

new website

I have upgraded my Rowanberry Studio website, using a lovely template from WordPress.:  I have Fall/Winter shows coming up, so this is a great time to have a new showcase.

art of the land 2012

Art of the Land is one of my favorite shows.  I participated last year and can’t wait to go back to the Starline Gallery this September.  I hope any of you blog readers who are local can come out to see the show.  Entries must be nature-inspired, showcasing the beauty of McHenry County.  The people involved are warm and welcoming.  The Starline is amazing. See more about the Starline, an old factory turned  studio space. See more about the great work being done by the Land Conservancy of McHenry County.