friday night show

It was a lovely experience at the Starline this past Friday.  Art lovers meandered through expansive space and  live guitar music softly played, setting the tone for a relaxed evening. It is an experience to visit the Starline, and if you enjoy viewing art, sipping wine, and delicious, gourmet hors d-oeuvres, it was the place to be. Many of the artists in residence had their studios open for viewing, and it was fun and inspiring to see how they arranged their spaces and chat with them about their work and inspiration.

There’s my little vase – looks so tiny in this vast perspective … but thanks to all who gave me great, supportive comments!

Looking down the hallway, on the way to the cocktail bar.  Artist studio doors are to the left.

It’s deja vu all over again . . . this building could have been created by the same people who built the Spiegel Warehouse (see previous blog post on “Revamped”).  The same warm, golden brick, the enormous wood pillars, the working freight elevator.  I guess I have a thing for freight elevators.  I want one.

sneak peek

These were my entries for the Starline show.  Can you guess which one was juried in?  Come out to the Starline tonight to find out… 306 W. Front St., Harvard, IL  60033


Grass with Dew


larger than life

I love to be in the deep forest, and my studio has a couple of shelves that are packed with bits and pieces of nature that I could not resist bringing home.  They await the touch of inspiration to be incorporated into some kind of artistic creation. Graham Larkin worked for sculptor Edward Tufte as an intellectual assistant at Stanford, and he must have felt the same way as I do. He found beauty in a small twig, and brought it as a small gift to Edward. It inspired this soaring, graceful sculpture:

Larkin’s Twig

Simple, graceful beauty inspired by nature.  And I love the sculptor’s thought process. In his words, “For years, Larkin’s twig sat in an honored place in our library and then in our kitchen. Why not make the twig 32 times bigger?”

Read more about Edward Tufte:

More about Larkin’s Twig:

more about the starline

I dropped off my fused glass piece at the Starline gallery this Saturday, in preparation for the show this coming Friday, May 27, and was able to talk to the ladies in charge:  Teresa Baber and Nancy Merkling.  I found out that this beautiful gallery space is not open for regular hours.  Rather than deal with small, trickle-in business on a day to day basis, they have planned for their space to be open only on the 4th Friday events.  And these events will be pretty special – with original live music, new art at each event, and delicious hors d’oeuvres. They also will rent their space out for events.  If you get a chance, come out and see it this Friday from 6 – 9 pm.  What a cool place!


An event alert was posted on for Revamped, an upscale fashion & art show held near UIC in Chicago. Behind the glam were many dedicated volunteers supporting Earth Share of Illinois. They represent over 60 leading environmental and conservation organizations making a difference locally, nationally and internationally. I attended with friends last night, and what a venue!  The old Spiegel catalog warehouse was the setting.

We entered through the big pull-up delivery doors at the back of the building, and had a conversation with the volunteer at the door who happened to be a Chicago policeman.  He informed us that he remembers being a kid at the time that the big news was a murder at this facility.  One of the men stayed late to rob the place, and killed two people there. What a way to add to the already interesting atmosphere!

Here is the huge freight elevator we rode up to the top floor for the event:

Looking up into the elevator shaft:

Coming into the space, and looking down the runway:

Runway model, we guessed this must be a recycled wedding dress.  Pretty cute!

There were also several art displays, based on re-purposing materials.  My favorite was an artist, Carrie Ann Shumacher, who utilized paper to create beautiful dresses.  From far they looked like silk, or lace, and up close, you could see they were created with pieces of books or magazines.

Here is a detail from a dress created from the pages of romance novels.  I came closer to see if I could read parts of the pages, and the Carrie told me that she did arrange the dress according to topic – and the “hot” scenes from the novels were at the ruffles of the shoulder.

See more of Carrie’s   work:

Since the purpose of the event was “Re-purposing”, the setting reflected that aim appropriately.  The bars, tables, and dj stand were all created from pallets and leftover pieces of construction wood.  It was amazingly elegant.  Here is the link to their website, where I’m sure more photos will be posted:  What a fun event!  Mark your calendars for next year!

starline gallery

Great news came today – I have been accepted into the “4th Fridays” show at Starline Gallery in Harvard.  I submitted 3 pieces to their jury team, so I sent photos of three of my vases.  ONE was accepted into the show – yay!  The public is invited to attend on the event on Friday, May 27, from 6 – 9 PM.

I am excited to be going to this gallery – I have heard a lot about it.  Here is a link to their blog, so you can see a little bit about this place:

I bring my vase there on Saturday, May 21st, and the reception is Friday, May 27.  Then I bring my work home, so it is just a short time for this showing. I am not quite familiar with how they operate – it does not sound like they have regular gallery hours, but rather, various “events” at this location.  Not sure, but there might be a $5 cover charge.   I’ll have to post more after the show. According to their artist submission letter: “Our soft launch on April 29th brought over 250 art enthusiasts from all over Chicagoland…”  I hope the 27th does as well!!/thestarlinegallery?sk=photos

The Starline Gallery
400 W. Front St.
Harvard, IL 60033

amy’s birds

I started Rowanberry Studio years ago, as a hobby, but only recently established as a business.  That meant that working with my friends and marketing as a group had to change a bit, since now I am responsible for accounting and taxes, and all the rest of the ins & outs of being responsible as a business owner.

I would not be where I am now without my group of glass buddies that work with me and inspire me, and supply wine and gourmet snacks to enjoy after class!  I am happy to continue carrying their work, displayed on consignment under Rowanberry.

Today I am excited to feature some new work by Amy Guanci.  Amy has a primitive, whimsical style that she is continually refining as she experiments with new things.  One of my favorite techniques Amy utilizes is frit painting. She mixes ground glass with white glue to create a medium that she then “paints” onto clear glass. A piece of clear glass is placed over the top, and the item is fused in the kiln at 1465 degrees. The clear top melting over the frit painting gives it a dimensional effect.

Here they are displayed on tiny little plate stands.  They measure about 2.5″ x 4″ high. Hope you like them too!