GAS Conference in Chicago

The Glass Art Society Conference 2014 was held in Chicago this year, so friend and fellow-glass fuser Brandie Dunn and I took the train down to check it out.

2014 GAS ConferenceImage from the GAS Conference 2014 Program Book

Alas, as the membership fee is a bit steep for me, (also, the society seems to be more oriented to glass blowers rather than fusers) as non-members we were only able to access the public displays at this conference.

Our main goal was to visit the Bullseye Glass booth, as I am planning to use a great deal more of their product in my own work.  We had a great visit with the reps at the booth, who were very welcoming and receptive to all questions.  I scored a great re-usable Bulleye shopping bag to fill with show literature and give-aways.

GAS conference goodiesNext we met a few more helpful reps from Covington Engineering and HIS Glassworks. We began asking questions about coldworking equipment, but the conversation was cut short as they were leaving for the GAS gallery tour. They were nice enough to encourage us to tag along, and we quickly changed our plans to do just that. What a great decision that turned out to be, as we toured the Ken Saunders GalleryEcht Gallery, and the Vale Craft Gallery, all located on W. Superior in Chicago.

One of my favorite pieces was by artist Steve Jensen, combining natural wood with resin and glass.

Steve JensenJensen hails from Seattle, WA, coming from a long tradition of Norwegian fishermen and boat builders.  He grew up on his father’s fishing boat.  His artwork displays incredible range in mediums including glass, wood carving, and bronze sculpture.

This is a close-up of a piece by Harue Shimomoto that was another favorite of mine:

Harue ShimomotoI once watched Shimomoto unpacking and hanging a piece at a SOFA show in Chicago.  The delicate traceries of glass are hung in overlapping sections to create the full display.  It was amazing to think that you can actually ship something this delicate.

Although this blog could go on for days on this topic, I’ll just include one more piece today, from Thomas Scoon:

Thomas ScoonAgain, I am drawn to pieces that combine natural materials with glass, in this case, chunks of stone.

“Stone/glass/stone/glass, the two substances layered like some sedimentary strata on the side of a cliff.  But, though cold to the touch, Scoon’s assemblages still echo with their igneous source; this is the stuff of magma and the core.” – James Yood, Art Critic

It was quite a memorable evening.  We were completely taken in by the art displays, but also tremendously enjoyed the company of the HIS Glassworks and Covington Engineering representatives.  Their observations and comments were interesting and informative.

Visit for more information:
HIS Glassworks:
Covington Engineering:
Bullseye Glass:
Ken Saunders Gallery:
Echt Gallery:
Vale Craft Gallery:


new website

I have upgraded my Rowanberry Studio website, using a lovely template from WordPress.:  I have Fall/Winter shows coming up, so this is a great time to have a new showcase.

art of the land 2012

Art of the Land is one of my favorite shows.  I participated last year and can’t wait to go back to the Starline Gallery this September.  I hope any of you blog readers who are local can come out to see the show.  Entries must be nature-inspired, showcasing the beauty of McHenry County.  The people involved are warm and welcoming.  The Starline is amazing. See more about the Starline, an old factory turned  studio space. See more about the great work being done by the Land Conservancy of McHenry County.

busy weekends coming

Ah, it’s Friday, but is that a sigh of relief at the end of the week, or a new breath to gain energy for all that can be done over the weekend? With Affair of the Arts complete, I am looking forward to another art show that is a lot of fun. If your weekends are busy, this show gives you plenty of options to choose from.

Crossing Borders Art Tour and Sale

Come to visit ~ Leave Inspired
November 19th and 20th  Saturday & Sunday
December 3rd and 4th  Saturday & Sunday
HOURSSaturday 11AM – 5PM  &  Sunday 11AM – 4PM

This Art Tour gives you a chance to peek inside the studio world of working artists.  Visit their website to view a map and plot out where to start your day:

Here are a few photos to get you started.  Click on the link above to view more – lots of artists and studios participating!

Carriage House PotteryCarriage House Pottery & Gallery

Don RambadtMetal Sculpture by Don Rambadt

Wilmot Artisan MarketPhotography, Paintings, and more at the Wilmot Artisan Market

Fox Valley GlassGlass Blowing Demos and Shop at Fox River Glass: &

we had quite a nice affair

We had a beautiful day yesterday for Affair of the Arts.  It is fun to see familiar faces year after year, and we hear many compliments about the quality of the show and the beauty of the venue.  The Shores of Turtle Creek is such a sun-lit, expansive place, so perfect for an art show.  We are lucky to be able to work with them each year.

Affair of the ArtsAffair of the Arts at The Shores of Turtle Creek

I wanted to get some updated pictures of the show, but fell short, (busy day…)  so excuse the dated picture above from one of our first shows.  It does give a feel for the venue, though, so I posted it anyway. People loved being able to stroll through, glass of chilled wine in hand, and view, purchase, or just chat with the artists.

Our artists are all exceptional, and wonderful to work with. I could spend all day mentioning each one, but you can follow the link to see pictures and links:  I would like to make a special mention of  guest musician, Nick LiChard, who was kind enough to play and sing live for us at the beginning of the show.  It set a great tone, and compliments were flying.  Truly a talented artist!  See more about Nick:

Another great outcome of this year’s show is the collaboration between Rowanberry Studio and blacksmith artist Will Slagel.  Will was commissioned a customized iron stand for my co-worker at Rowanberry, Amy Guanci.  She was kind enough to lend it to me for displaying my latest piece, Kaleidescope Mandala:

Oeffling & Slagel artworkLinda Oeffling, Kaleidescope, and Will Slagel, Forged Iron Base

Unfortunately for Amy, she couldn’t enjoy it for long, because it sold!

See more:
Will Slagel, Metal Meanders
Linda Oeffling, Amy Guanci, Jane McCauley, Tom vonGeldern:  Rowanberry Studio
Affair of the Arts

we all start somewhere

It might as well be in Spring Grove, Illinois. This Sunday us locals are putting on our annual art show, Affair of the Arts, at The Shores of Turtle Creek.

Affair of the Arts

We started this show because we were wanted a quality show with a higher level of artistic ability than the typical “craft show”. We called it Art Market, and started to gather local talent.

Art MarketAmy, Me, and Jane at one of our first art shows, held at Amy’s house in Spring Grove

The Shores of Turtle CreekThe Shores of Turtle Creek

We hooked up with another “home” show with Gabi Sparacio, who took steps to get us into a larger and more legitimate space, and  began to host shows twice a year at a local wedding/event venue called The Shores of Turtle Creek.

This year we have a full house – over 35 artists on two levels.  We actually have a waiting list and have to turn people away – something we only imagined when we began calling ourselves an Art Show. We have also grown to include the Spring Grove Area Art Walk – with local studios opening their doors and welcoming art lovers into their working spaces.

There is a great group of talented people coming to display their work.  Many are regulars who have been with us since the beginning, but there are always new faces and new art to discover at each successive show.

If you are anywhere near, please stop in and see us!  Click here for more information:

Sara MichaelsSara Michaels, S.E.M. Illustrations

Lynda WallisLynda Wallis, Freelance Illustrations

Will SlagelWill Slagel, Metal Meanders

Josie RochellJosie Rochell, Pots by Josie

Linda OefflingLinda Oeffling, Loon

There’s more to see . . . visit the website or visit the show for more!  Affair of the

SOFA chicago – ooooooooh

Here it comes, this weekend!  The Sculptural Objects and Functional Art Show in Chicago – SOFA, one of the world’s more foremost fairs of contemporary art and design, will be at Navy Pier November 4 – 6, 2011. And for the second year in a row, they will share the Pier’s Festival Hall with The Intuit Show of Folk & Outsider Art.

Here is a sampling of some of the artists who will be attending this year:

Jun KanekoJun Kaneko, ceramic sculpture

Tanija and Graham CarrTanija and Graham Carr, leather sculpture

John KileyJohn Kiley, blown glass sculpture

More than 60 international art dealers and galleries will be featured this year. You will be awed and amazed by the variety and quality of art at this show.

Go to the SOFA Website to view preview pictures.

stellar event at the starline

The Art of the Land Benefit at the Starline Factory Gallery in Harvard this past weekend was a first class event.  The caliber of art was high, delicious food abounded, and I think the Land Conservancy of McHenry County pulled in some well-deserved funds for their cause, helping protect over 1800 acres of McHenry County’s prairies, wetlands and woodlands.  The art was truly a reflection of the beauty of the land we take for granted in this part of the Midwest.

setup at the starline factorySetting up for the event at the Starline Factory Gallery. 

Owner Orrin Kinney has been renovating this enormous space, and is extremely supportive of the artists who are working here.  He provided these blocks, cut from original building timber, for use as display pedestals.  Featured here, Mary Jean Deja’s pottery.

Mary MariiuttoMary Mariutto, Magic Mushroom Series

I love Mariutto’s work, delving into the intricate mysteries that are found beneath the surface of the land.

Kelly BissellKelly Bissell, Global Warming

Bissell takes the art of crafting with wood to the highest level.  His finished and polished pieces were jaw-dropping.

Doug DeWittDoug DeWitt, Shred

DeWitt’s pieces contain items found in nature, things from old construction sites.  Some of them also contain his photos, and journal entries that detail the work done on the many little jobs it takes to maintain a property.  They had a unique, rustic flavor.

Yvonne BeckwayYvonne Beckway

This is one of my very favorites, and I have to apologize for not getting the name of this piece.  Yvonne Beckway creates these beautiful, mystical scenes, using ash from plants she has burned. It is an involved process, done out of doors, with nature’s whimsy taking a hand in the creation.

Linda OefflingLinda Oeffling, Meadow

This piece of mine sold in the last 5 minutes of the show.

Another interesting part of this event was a photo contest, held to showcase the land around McHenry County.  Amateur photographers are assigned a site location, one of the dedicated land areas.  They take pictures and submit their five best to the contest.  One final photo is selected, and approx. 40 finals are then displayed at the Art of the Land.  What a great way to share these special places!

I also have to mention the Friday night event at this Benefit, Voices of the Land,  led by renowned storyteller Jim May.  Friday night’s “coffeehouse” show included musicians, poets, and people that shared their love of the land through the spoken medium. Attendees could wander about the space, perusing the art while listening, and then also take a seat for a closer spot, and participate if they so chose.

I look forward to applying as an artist again next year.  An unforgettable event with an interesting crowd and a notable group of artists, put on by an outstanding group of people.  Put it on your calendar.