sculptural typography

Finding the right typography for a graphic design project can take me hours.  In looking for something functional, I often get sidetracked by creative and fun ways that designers re-create alphabetic design.

Abusive Pencil by Scotticus“Abusive Pencil” font by Scotticus

Today’s fun find is a sculpture based on the art of Wassily Kandinsky. Here is one of his paintings, just to remind you (or introduce you to) his style:

Wassily KandinskyWassily Kandinsky, Transverse Line

And here is the recent sculpture, created by Turkish graphic designer, Büyükbas.

Sinan Buyukbas
Kandinsky by Sinan  Büyükbas

“I had the idea of experimenting with Kandinsky’s color and form theory in 3 dimension. I started with thinking each letter as a 3d canvas to play around with color and form, but also together they would form a type experimentation on Kandinsky. I presented each letter as a color and form composition and tried to relate them with the space as they are intended to be perceived in 3d dimension.” Sinan Buyukbas, from Behance Network

Sinan BuyukbasSinan Büyükbas

Büyükbas only recently graduated with his MA Degree in Visual Communication and Design.  He is a Motion Designer and 3D Artist, specializing in the emotional perception of computer generated audio and visuals.

Sinan BuyukbasSinan Büyükbas

See more great photos and close-ups on the Behance Network:

pouring paint

The world is flocking to London for the Summer Olympics, and I wonder how many will wander away from the athletes to discover art? Those who find the Shizaru Gallery in Mayfair will find the work of Holton Rower.

Holton RowerHolton Rower, Pour

Pouring container after container of paint, Rower creates bold and wild masses of color.

Holton RowerHolton Rower, Pour

Several hundred cups of acrylic paint are lined up and waiting before each “pour” begins.  The paints are poured one by one over specially constructed platforms.  Each pour consists of up to 50 gallons of paint.

Holton RowerHolton Rower, Pour

The paints used vary in texture, creating different rates of flow and dry.  Some are infused with reflective elements.  Cost for these immense paintings can range from $20,000 to $55,000.

See more on Rower’s website:

golden rain

We do need rain.  This time it’s not just our little corner of the Midwest, but widespread, this hot hot weather and drought. Today, Art + Com brings you a beautiful kinetic sculpture of golden raindrops.

Art + Com installation at Changi AirportKinetic Rain, by ART+COM

ART+COM is a non-profit organization dedicated to exploring new mediums in the fields of art, design, science and technology.  they were commissioned by Changi Airport Group in Singapore to create a signature art installation.

ART+COM rain installation at Changi AirportKinetic Rain, by ART+COM

The sculpture is made of two parts, each with 608 rain droplets made of lightweight aluminum that has been covered in copper. A hidden computer-controlled motor controlls the precise, floating movement of the drops.

ART+COM installation at Changi Airport SingaporeKinetic Rain, by ART+COM

The photos above are still shots taken from the video, which is really beautiful and set to amazing music.

If by some reason the video does not work, see it on the ART+COM site:

In fact, the site is worth a visit to see more of what they do as well. They have an 80 member team of media artists and designers, software developers, media technicians and engineers. Their projects are beautiful and thought-provoking.


staircases of vibrant color

I like the idea of decorating staircase treads. In one of the most stunning examples, Aileen Barr and Colette Crutcher worked with over 300 volunteers to create this mosaic:

Mosaic Stairs The 16th Avenue Tiles Steps in San Francisco

The steps contain over 2,000 handmade tiles and 75,000 fragments of tile, mirror and stained glass.

San Francisco Tiled StairsThe 16th Avenue Tiles Steps in San Francisco

Even the average person with a supply of paint can brighten up the staircase in their life.   I like Horst Glasker’s work, using Pantone colors for these steps.

Horst Glasker pantone stepsHorst Glasker Pantone Steps

Decorated steps are not a new idea.  The famous decorated staircase of Caltagirone paved the way long ago.  (sorry:)

Tiled staircase of CaltagironeTiled Steps of Caltagirone, Italy

There are 142 steps in the staircase, each decorated with a unique design.

Tiled stairs at CaltagironeTiled Steps of Caltagirone, Italy

Caltagirone is located on the island of Sicily, and is long famous for its pottery, specifically majolica and terra cotta ware. The staircase was built in 1608.

San Francisco steps Via My Modern Met