Time for a Change

Warm weather is coming, spring is in the air, and its time for a change. This will be the last post on this particular blogsite, although I will leave it here as an archive.

When I started this blog, I enjoyed playing with the free tools at WordPress.com, and created my blog and website here. Fast forward to 2015, and my life is moving forward and expanding in many directions. Instead of being confined to the free templates of WordPress, I have immersed myself in learning how to work with custom templates, manipulating them and creating custom websites with my business partner in graphic design.

The inspiration found in writing an art blog and scouring the internet for ideas has turned into a focus into my own business of creation. I am thinking about continuing a variation of this art blog on my Rowanberry Studio home site, but will not do the research I have done here, which I love, but is very time consuming.

Thanks to those of you who have followed and those who have kindly commented. Namaste.

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feathers of my own

Yesterday I featured Kate MccGwire’s feather sculptures, so it seems appropriate to feature some of my own feathery works.

Crane Dance by Linda OefflingCrane Dance, Linda Oeffling
Custom wrought iron stand by Will Slagel of Metal Meanders

Sandhill cranes were a rare sight around this area several years ago.  There must be new habitat or different migration or something, because now we regularly see and hear them. According to the International Crane Foundation, they are in fact the most numerous of the world’s cranes.

While calling, cranes stand in an upright posture, usually with their heads thrown back and beaks skyward during the display. . . . All cranes engage in dancing, which includes various behaviors such as bowing, jumping, running, stick or grass tossing, as well as wing flapping. Though it is commonly associated with courtship, dancing can occur at any age and season. – from the International Crane Foundation website

Japanese Crane by Linda OefflingJapanese Crane by Linda Oeffling

Like MccGwire, I am fascinated with bird lore and the mythology associated with birds. Greek and Roman myth tells us that the dance of cranes is a dance for the love of joy, and a celebration of life.  The Japanese refer to the crane as the bird of happiness.

These fused pieces are so fun to watch throughout the day.  They change as the light changes, which makes the art piece something new at any given time of day.

we had quite a nice affair

We had a beautiful day yesterday for Affair of the Arts.  It is fun to see familiar faces year after year, and we hear many compliments about the quality of the show and the beauty of the venue.  The Shores of Turtle Creek is such a sun-lit, expansive place, so perfect for an art show.  We are lucky to be able to work with them each year.

Affair of the ArtsAffair of the Arts at The Shores of Turtle Creek

I wanted to get some updated pictures of the show, but fell short, (busy day…)  so excuse the dated picture above from one of our first shows.  It does give a feel for the venue, though, so I posted it anyway. People loved being able to stroll through, glass of chilled wine in hand, and view, purchase, or just chat with the artists.

Our artists are all exceptional, and wonderful to work with. I could spend all day mentioning each one, but you can follow the link to see pictures and links:  www.affairofthearts.org.  I would like to make a special mention of  guest musician, Nick LiChard, who was kind enough to play and sing live for us at the beginning of the show.  It set a great tone, and compliments were flying.  Truly a talented artist!  See more about Nick:  http://www.facebook.com/eyesforever3

Another great outcome of this year’s show is the collaboration between Rowanberry Studio and blacksmith artist Will Slagel.  Will was commissioned a customized iron stand for my co-worker at Rowanberry, Amy Guanci.  She was kind enough to lend it to me for displaying my latest piece, Kaleidescope Mandala:

Oeffling & Slagel artworkLinda Oeffling, Kaleidescope, and Will Slagel, Forged Iron Base

Unfortunately for Amy, she couldn’t enjoy it for long, because it sold!

See more:
Will Slagel, Metal Meanders
Linda Oeffling, Amy Guanci, Jane McCauley, Tom vonGeldern:  Rowanberry Studio
Affair of the Arts

we all start somewhere

It might as well be in Spring Grove, Illinois. This Sunday us locals are putting on our annual art show, Affair of the Arts, at The Shores of Turtle Creek.

Affair of the Arts

We started this show because we were wanted a quality show with a higher level of artistic ability than the typical “craft show”. We called it Art Market, and started to gather local talent.

Art MarketAmy, Me, and Jane at one of our first art shows, held at Amy’s house in Spring Grove

The Shores of Turtle CreekThe Shores of Turtle Creek

We hooked up with another “home” show with Gabi Sparacio, who took steps to get us into a larger and more legitimate space, and  began to host shows twice a year at a local wedding/event venue called The Shores of Turtle Creek.

This year we have a full house – over 35 artists on two levels.  We actually have a waiting list and have to turn people away – something we only imagined when we began calling ourselves an Art Show. We have also grown to include the Spring Grove Area Art Walk – with local studios opening their doors and welcoming art lovers into their working spaces.

There is a great group of talented people coming to display their work.  Many are regulars who have been with us since the beginning, but there are always new faces and new art to discover at each successive show.

If you are anywhere near, please stop in and see us!  Click here for more information:  http://affairofthearts.org

Sara MichaelsSara Michaels, S.E.M. Illustrations

Lynda WallisLynda Wallis, Freelance Illustrations

Will SlagelWill Slagel, Metal Meanders

Josie RochellJosie Rochell, Pots by Josie

Linda OefflingLinda Oeffling, Loon

There’s more to see . . . visit the website or visit the show for more!  Affair of the Arts.org