finally something new

I know, I seem to have dropped off the planet.  My computer work has gotten quite busy, and the gardening season has been here for a while now.  Instead of my cozy winter mornings searching out new art online, I have been making over my perennial beds, digging grass with long white roots, and persistently fighting bindweed vines. Beautiful gardens are indeed a form of art.

My own art is coming along, with a nice boost from my blacksmith friend Will Slagel.  He stopped over yesterday to bring more iron stands for the mandalas.

Japanese Crane by Linda OefflingJapanese Crane by Linda Oeffling, Iron Stand by Will Slagel

Sun Kaleidescope Mandala by Linda OefflingSun Kaleidoscope Mandala by Linda Oeffling, Iron Stand by Will Slagel

Nest Mandala by Linda OefflingNest Mandala by Linda Oeffling, Iron stand by Will Slagel

Lily of the Valley Mandala by Linda OefflingLily of the Valley by Linda Oeffling

Lily of the Valley is my current favorite, despite the fact that I have to use a purchased stand, and not a custom design by Will.  I made this piece with several layers, and so it is too thick to fit in the  other stands.

Now my current focus must be getting these out into the world, specifically by finding galleries that would be a perfect fit for my work.


3 thoughts on “finally something new

  1. Thanks girls! I have been making the mandalas for a few years now, and never got a really great response. It took putting them into a stand for people to see the beauty in them, and I’ve had comments that “I didn’t really ‘get’ those round pieces before…” I love Will’s work – I think its a perfect fit.

    And note on evil bindweed – I am using 2 c. vinegar, 1/8 c. salt, 1 tsp. dishsoap and it is working better than Roundup. No chemical smell, no toxins. They just crisp up. But then they return. I am on a mission to hunt them daily, crisping and pulling leaves until the crazy root system gives up. I read it could take 2 years of persistently making sure the foliage gets pulled.

  2. It’s funny you mention the white rooted grass (quack grass?) and the bindweed…I was out today too battling the same blasted stuff. They are both so tenacious! Everything else has been dying of thirst while somehow the evil bindweed squanders every ounce of moisture in its vacinity and thrives under these conditions. I have declared war on it too!

    Love your newest work! Well done! How wonderful to have Will making some fabulous stands for you!

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