ah, what a view

Art Daily reports on the opening of Stephen Hannock’s recent paintings at the Marlborough Gallery in New York, an exhibition that will be on display until June 2.

Stephen Hannock

A Recent History of Art in Southern California(Mass MoCA #165) 1998-2012, Stephen Hannock
polished mixed media on canvas
8 x 20 feet

The paintings are huge, as you can see above, this one at 8 x 20 feet. His technique is unique and original, working with acrylics, resin, pasted papers and photographs.  Specialized brushes and power sanders are the tools he utilizes, producing light effects which are his signature style.

Stephen Hannock

Northern City Renaissance, Mauve Dawn (Mass MoCA #161), 2012, Stephen Hannock
polished mixed media on canvas
8 x 12 feet

Hannock layers, then sands and polishes, and layers again, achieving luminous light effects, as if the paintings are glowing from within. He works in bits of handwritten text, comments on the locations and histories.

Stephen Hannock

The Oxbow: For Lane Faison with Betty and Agnes Mongan (Mass MoCA #147), 2011, Stephen Hannock
polished mixed media on canvas
6 x 9 feet

Hannock studied art at Smith College, and though he moved to Manhatten in the early 1980’s, involved in the downtown contemporary art scene, his focus has been primarily on landscape.

This exhibition at the Marlborough includes a display in the Process Room that includes notebooks and studies for the large pictures, equipment he uses, multi-media displays that give insight to his approach, and also early work that displays the evolution of his painting style.

See more of his images:  http://www.stephenhannock.com/index.html


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