a strange mix, but i like it

It is an odd mix of favorite things I have – being outside, in a kayak, in the woods, on a beach, and being on the computer, staring at a screen. I guess I am in good company with Sandra Dieckmann, whose artwork is reflective of my own passions.

Sandra DieckmannJapanese Crane, Sandra Dieckmann

Dieckmann is an artist based in London, working as a freelance illustrator. She explores a love for animals through her talent for illustration.

Sandra DieckmannBook illustration commissioned by Paper Darts Publishing, Sandra Dieckmann

I guess she is pulled in different directions as well.  She writes in her blog that she is sad to leave her position with the RSPCA (leading UK animal welfare charity) so that she can pursue her freelance work.

Sandra Dieckmann

Sweet Dreams Ursus Arctus, Sandra Dieckmann

The Ursus image above was published in Ammo Magazine, Issue 6. She’s a busy lady on the web.  See her various sites:  on Etsy, website,  and blog.


One thought on “a strange mix, but i like it

  1. Beautiful work and I too understand loving the environment, including animals and being pulled in multiple directions.

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