a new geology

Piles and piles of trash create a new form of sedimentary sculpture, and surprisingly, integrate beautifully with natural forest floor.

Steven SiegelOak 2004 Gong-Ju, Steven Siegel
Korea paper

Siegel’s sculptures draw attention to the process of compaction, layer upon layer, building up in our landfills.

Steven SiegelNew Geology #2, Steven Siegel
1992 Milan, NY

Siegel stacks literally tons of newspapers over large wooden armatures to create massive boulder shapes.

Steven SiegelBridge 2 2009 Arte Sella, Steven Siegel
Italy paper

His works have been installed across Europe and North America. He enlists the help of paid staff and volunteers to complete his projects, using free materials that are available in large quantities.

See more of his work on his website:  http://www.stevensiegel.net/index.html


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