tearing into a new dimension

Artist Scott Hazard works with photography to turn it into a sculptural piece of art, drawing the viewer in to explore. His work is being featured in the New Works Exhibition at Artspace, a visual arts center in Raleigh, North Carolina, where he is an artist in residence.

Scott HazardScott Hazard

Hazard creates new physical spaces by layering images.  He considers his work more sculpture than photography.

Scott HazardScott Hazard

He photographs dozens and dozens of images, then reviews them to select a few that have room for a space to explore.  He will also search for elements that can be highlighted, as in the photo above. Part of his work involves sketching different sculptural voids, experimenting with what looks best.

Scott HazardScott Hazard

Read an interview with the artist online at:  www.themorningnews.org   See more of Hazard’s work on his website:  http://scotthazard.net


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