time for tools

Oh, the beautiful Midwest weather these days!  Spring has us out in the garden already, and it is tool time.

ahnjoonggeunRake:  Reverse for Rebirth, designed by Ahnjoonggeun

With many design awards and several patents to his name, Ahnjoonggeum now brings art to the zen task of raking leaves.  I look at this rake and wonder why every tool or functional item we use every day can’t be a beautiful work of art.  Now you can get your yard work done and have a wall display too! Go to his website for a view of the lovely rake in several colors – wow. www.ahnjoonggeun.com

Cal Lane5 Shovels, Cal Lane

So the rake was functional, but the shovels not so much.  They are beautiful though, plasma cut creations by sculptor Cal Lane. She uses contradiction in her work, pulling together contrasting ideas and materials.

claes oldenburgTrowel 1, Claes Oldenburg

Oldenburg’s sculptures take the ordinary and blow it up to a playful, gigantic size.  Visit his website to view more enormous works, including things from our theme today (saw, hammer, pickaxe), and also some other miscellaneous (some of my favorites: a spoon & cherry, shuttlecock, and a button).


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