pop-ups for grown ups

Pop-up books are most commonly thought of as books for children, although I think most adults must enjoy them as much.  Andreas Johansson has a new exhibit that puts a new spin on the pop-up.

Andreas JohanssonThree-Dimensional set piece landscape, Paper, Andreas Johansson

Swedish artist Johansson’s first solo exhibit, From Where the Sun Now Stands, is at the Galleri Flach in Stockholm. The landscape sets he creates are set up in pop-up books with six pages each, showing different perspectives of a vacant lot.

Andreas JohannsonThree-Dimensional set piece landscape, Paper, Andreas Johansson

The artist spent a lot of time skateboarding in his youth, drawn to desolate industrial lots where boarders have space to ride. He cuts photographs to build these paper environments, giving us a sense of escape and exploration.

Andreas JohanssonThree-Dimensional set piece landscape detail, Paper, Andreas Johansson

“For me, deserted places have a great symbolic value. They represent society’s backside, but also freedom beyond control and regulations. As a child, it was the funniest playground imaginable.” -Andreas Johansson, from the Volta Show in New York


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