pulling from other cultures

I have blogged about aboriginal art before, as it is one of my favorite inspirations.  Artist Terry Hays creates beautiful painted works that also are inspired by other cultures and countries such as Australia, Indonesia, New Guinea and China.

Terry HaysSwimming to salvation, escape from the water demons, Terry Hays

Hays painted sets for stage production for many years, his art career starting then stopping as his life went on, eventually returning to painting his own artwork.

Terry HaysTrees #1 & #2, Terry Hays

Some of his work (I am guessing this includes the pieces featured above), is made with tree roots from his back yard that he transforms with paint.

Terry HaysGrass Fire! Terry Hays

Hays speaks of finding a “new voice” as he continued to explore his art.  The statements that he makes about his art strongly resonate with me:

“… what art should be or should not be

…trying to create the extraordinary or phenomenal versus following the path of least resistance



…what we think we are communicating versus what people see”

(from Ro2 Art)

See more of his work:  web.me.com/jamesterryhays

Visit his Tumblr blog: http://terryhays.tumblr.com/



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