layers upon layers

Creating stained glass windows is a meticulous art, but the work of Eric Standley goes over and above the fine detail required for a typical church window.

Eric StandleyEither/Or Decreed, Eric Standley

Standley will work out a design on paper and then laser-cut the intricate pieces in a process that can take months. Sometimes his works are as thick as 3″ deep in layers.

Eric StandleyCircle 3.1.1 detail from Either/Or Drawings, Eric Standley

The artist works as a design coordinator for Virginia’s School of Visual Arts.

Eric StandleyEither/Or Arch for Ipswich Detail, Eric Standley

His background is pretty interesting — from earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston he went on to study Renaissance oil painting. He then moved into the field of technology-based imaging, employing laser engraving and cutting.  It has all come together in a tremendous result.  See more at:


2 thoughts on “layers upon layers

  1. Thanks for your comment. I’m glad you enjoy the photos – they are from Eric Standley’s website. I wish I could take credit for taking them, but unfortunately my exploration of blog artwork is mostly online and not in person. I like how these are taken at an angle – they give a different kind of feeling to the artwork.

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