simplicity for friday

As you can tell if you follow my blog posts, I’m not too much of a contemporary kind of gal.  I love intricate works of art.  Sometimes, however, a very simple form can completely captivate me, and I am mesmerized by Domenico Bianchi’s work with wax on fiberglass.

Domenico BianchiUntitled 3n(2011), Domenico Bianchi
wax & fiberglass

The Ronchini Gallery expands with its new London gallery in Mayfair in February of 2012, and the inaugural show is entitled Italian Beauty. Bianchi is featured as one of Italy’s premier contemporary artists.

Domenico BianchiUntitled 1 (2011), Domenico Bianchi
wax & fiberglass

Bianchi’s early work featured painting on wax, a technique adapted from Roman encaustic painting. Eventually he expanded to include things such as plaster, gold leaf, platinum, silver and copper to the wax.  He also delved into using his computer to transform his drawings into spheres, exploring the endless variations of his swirling arabesques.

Domenico BianchiUntitled 1 (2011), Domenico Bianchi
metal engraving & wood

His mandala-like forms draw you into their swirling patterns.  His use of wax as a material imparts a unique quality to his work, with its subtle transparency. See more of his work here:


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