art of the wind

Kinetic sculptures are fun, and to see art installations that interact with wind or water is fascinating to watch.

Windswept-1st_look from Charles Sowers on Vimeo.

Even without the wind, the sculpture is interesting in the simple pattern created by artist Charles Sowers. Directional arrows are mounted on a blank wall, and they rotate with the touch of a breeze.

Charles SowersWindswept, Charles Sowers

Sowers is an artist who also works to develop exhibits at the Exploratorium in the Randall Museum in San Francisco. His aim is to draw observers in to partake in a sense of wonder and delight at natural phenomena observed in the world.

Charles SowersFerrofluid Sequence 4: Visitors hold a tethered magnet below the table to make the ferrofluid turn from a uniform circular blob to a graphic pattern.

Charles SowersSupercooled:  An Exhibit which allows visitors to watch ice crystals grow on a 17″ x 17″ chilled glass table

“Charles has discovered a strong correlation between his process and that of the scientific experimentalist. Both build apparatus; scientists to probe the limits of their collective understanding and Charles to probe the boundaries of beauty, delight, and wonder.” – from Charles Sowers, The Tinkering Studio


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