winter glimmer

A couple of days ago I blogged about the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, Washington.  Today we go back there to highlight a current exhibit that puts me in the mood for some winter snow transformation.

Glimmering GoneGlimmering Gone:  Landscape,  Ingalena Klenell and Beth Lipman, photo from Museum of Glass

American artist Beth Lipman and Scandinavian artist Ingalena Klenell have taught and lectured collaboratively around the world, and their first artistic collaboration is being displayed at the Museum of Glass until March 11, 2012.

Glimmering GoneGlimmering Gone:  Landscape,  photograph by

Living in the Midwest we have to slog through cold and dreary winters, and I can love that introspective time bundled indoors if I am surrounded by the glittering beauty of snow.  Here we are, December 28, and still no snow.  Glimmering Gone at least brings it to my screen.

Glimmering Gonephoto courtesy of Jeff Curtis, Russell Johnson, and the Museum of Glass

The exhibition includes Landscape, as featured here today, but also Mementos and Artifacts. The three parts of the installation are all quite different, bringing together an array of glass working skills with pieces including kiln-formed elements, sculpted work and blown glass elements. See more photos and find out more about these artists on their websites:  Beth Lipman:, and Ingala Glenell:

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