night light sparkles

I have featured nighttime photography before, and there is quite a bit of it to see out there online.  It always catches my eye, but usually not enough to feature it again.  Today I found something that I couldn’t pass up.

Jan Leonardo WöllertLight Art Performance Photography

Jan Wöllert works in partnership with Jörg Miedza, and they call themselves Light Art Performance Photography.  They have been working together since 2007.

Jan Leonardo WoellertLight Art Performance Photography

JanLeonardo had an experience of being trapped overnight in an industrial complex.  While there, to pass the time, he used his camera along with LED lights to create his first “light paintings”.

Jan Leonardo WollertLight Art Performance Photography

This talented duo  are sponsored by some big names: Canon, Zeiss, and LED Lenser. They create images for commercial clients and also worked with Nike to create an ad for the World Cup. Despite their photographic success, neither one is devoted to this job full time, and they retain their day jobs as a Physician’s Assistant and an office based worker.  See more of their work in a beautiful slideshow, set to music, on their site:  LAPP-PRO


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