farewell to mystery paper sculpture artist

I blogged back in September about the paper sculptures that appeared in various locations around Edinburgh. Today I wrap up the story, with the mysterious sculptor signing off, and remaining anonymous.

Paper Sculpture in EdinburghLeft in the Scottish Poetry Library:  a cap, made of a bird’s wing, created out of paper

Edinburgh paper sculpturetiny Tyrannosaurus sculpture

Edinburgh paper sculptureStreet scene with moon and clouds

The sculptor left a note with somewhat of an explanation.  We find out the artist is a “she”, and find out a little bit more about why the sculptures were left:

It’s important that a story is not too long … does not become tedious … ‘you need to know when to end a story, she thought’

A tiny gesture in support of the special places…
So, here, she will end this story, in a special place … A Poetry Library … where they are well used to ‘anon’

See all of the sculptures, and the notes left with them in this online article:  http://community.thisiscentralstation.com/



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