one really expensive photo of nothing

It has set the new world record for a photograph – $4.3 million dollars for an image of the Rhine under a cloudy sky. Gursky’s photo sold at a Christie’s auction in New York in early November, 2011.

Andreas Gursky's Rhine IIAndreas Gursky, Rhine II

He has does some extensive computer work on the image, removing figures, buildings, and whatever else distracted from the desolate landscape that he wanted to portray.

Andreas GurskyAndreas Gursky, Rimini

Often his photos are taken from a high point of view, and the finished prints are enormous, filling entire walls.

Andreas GurskyAndreas Gursky, 99 Cent

They are images of our everyday world, and the way they are taken, or further manipulated, reduces each human being to a minute speck in a huge, ordered, technological landscape. When I came across the information about Gursky, and looked at his photos, I thought they were interesting.  The more I read, and the more I saw of his images, the clearer it became that his recognition and popularity are no mistake – the man is a gifted genius with a unique way of showcasing our modern day world.

If you have time, and are at all interested in photography, watch the Ben Lewis interview with Andreas Gursky:  It is a little slow moving, the video interview an artistic process in itself.  Lewis manages to score an interview, tour Gursky’s new studio, and even get a ride in his sporty Maserati.  Very interesting to hear about his process, his thoughts, and also the thoughts of people who have opinions on Gursky and what he is trying to convey.


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