Monday’s favorite things

Today’s favorite – glass art by self-taught artist Craig Mitchell Smith.

Craig Russell SmithWind, by Craig Russell Smith

I think the ultimate placement for glass is outside.  It seems contradictory, such a delicate, fragile material.  Yet it withstands wind and weather, and its beauty in natural light is breathtaking.

Craig Russell SmithThe Gift Blue, Craig Russell Smith

Smith works with metal smiths to create sculptures combining glass and metal. His forms are created in a kiln.

Craig Russell SmithMaking A Wish, Craig Russell Smith

Starting with a background in painting, Smith has also done interior and garden design, set design for theatres, and floral design.  With no training in working with glass, he experimented with jewelry, then quickly moved into kiln formed sculptural pieces.

Craig Russell SmithFountain: Flight of Water, Craig Russell Smith

About a year ago, in October of 2010, Smith opened his own gallery in Okemos, Michigan.  Visit his website to see more:



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