knock down

Aeneas Wilder is a U.K. artist who creates installations that might remind you of those popsicle structures you built way back in elementary school. Just a bit of a difference, though, as he is world-renowned and his installations are worth a few (thousand) dollars more.

Aeneas WilderAeneas Wilder, Untitled # 140,  just outside Antwerp

Wilder is in the art news this week because he created a huge installation for the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, and deliberately deconstructed it by  kicking it down, causing it to tumble with incredible precision into a room full of sticks.  The video is great – if the below link does not appear correctly, go to the YSP website to view it:

Aeneas Wilder Kick Down from Yorkshire Sculpture Park on Vimeo.

He began working with uniform lengths of wood in 1998, creating free standing, complex structures, characterized by simplicity, precision, and economy.

Aeneas WilderAeneas Wilder, Untitled Drawing (2011)

Aeneas WilderSphere installation by Aeneas Wilder for ‘Undisturbed Silence’ exhibition, Duffel, Belgium – Sept 2010

Wilder’s website showcases his work, and also has an interesting link to “Writings”, which are letters he has written to a friend.  It is an interesting glimpse into his life an thoughts.  Visit:


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