envelope art

I know when you see my title, my post is really not what you are thinking.  No cute little envelopes, hand made from magazines or pastel papers here.

From Hatje Cantz WebsiteSecurity tint inside an envelope – from Hatje Cantz Publishing

Would you ever guess that the inside printing of security envelopes could be used as the basis for architecture? Jürgen Mayer H. is a German architect who has spent years collecting paper with any type of encryption pattern. These motifs have inspired many of the buildings that Mayer has designed, including the Hassel Court of Justice in Belgium.

Hassel Court of JusticeHassel Court of Justice, Belgium (courtesy of Architizer blog)

Architizer’s blog is where I found this obscure information.  I like the way blog author Kelly Chan phrases it:

“a brick and mortar rendering of digitally obscured information”
-Kelly Chan

An der AlsterAn der Alster 1, designed by J. Mayer H. Architects, Hamburg Germany

See Mayer H. Architects website for more unique and inspired architecture:  http://www.jmayerh.de/

Chelini & Oeffling EnvelopeChelini & Oeffling Inc. envelope

“C&O” is the design of my graphic design business envelope.  We thought it was fun to have the opportunity to custom design the security tint, but I never thought of it as architectural … until now.


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