real web art

It can be a form of art to create a spider’s web, using chain, glass, paint, yarn . . . imagine the materials you can use to convey this form.  Emil (Rocky) Fiore creates art using the fragile spiderweb itself.

Emil FioreEmil Fiore

Fiore was working with stained glass about 35 years ago when he started to experiment with capturing webs. He has perfected the process, using only a piece of glass, varnish, and aluminum paint.

Emil FioreEmil Fiore

The docks in Palisades Park, New Jersey, like most structures on the water, are full of intricate spiderwebs. Fiore was issued a permit by the park to collect webs.  He never harms a living spider, but often his pieces will include the prey trapped in the sticky threads. Rocky’s website is:, and you can view and purchase pieces.



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