a web for wednesday

Artist Jim Hodges from New York was appointed senior critic and acting director of graduate studies in sculpture this year, at Yale University School of Art.

Jim HodgesJim Hodges

Hodges’ spiderwebs made from chain were featured at the Art Dealers Association of America (ADAA) show in 2007, with CRG Gallery.

Jim HodgesJim Hodges, A Model of Delicacy, 1992

A Model of Delicacy is made of white brass chain, silk and wire. Another piece of Hodges’, made up of six webs similar to the ones above, sold at Sotheby’s New York, May 2011, for $1,082,500.

Jim HodgesNo Betweens,1996
sculpture | silk, cotton, polyester, and thread

Of course, a world-renowned artist does not limit himself to webs alone.  He is featured in galleries world wide with many diverse works.  See more  of his work, as represented by the Stephen Friedman Gallery in London:  www.stephenfriedman.com


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