i love it when the leaves turn

I wish I said it first, but credit goes to blogger Jake Hostetter, who said, “I love it when the leaves turn, you guys.”

Umbrella TreeI love it when the leaves turn into umbrellas. Sam Spenser makes me love with his front yard installation entitled ‘Bloom’.Read More: http://www.urlesque.com/2008/11/26/umbrella-tree/#ixzz1aW6Mt28f

Spencer was a Goldsmith art college student when he created the work, displayed in a tree outside of the Wapping Project, an arts venue in East London within the historic Wapping Hydraulic Power Station. Veuve Clicquot (champagne house) commissioned Spencer to create the installation in celebration of their signature color yellow, Pantone #137C, registered 130 years ago.

Sam Spencer Sam Spencer, Bloom

His latest work is interesting as well. Using emulsified, natural phosphor crystals, Spencer created a geometric grid of light.

Sam SpencerSam Spencer, working on Light Triptych

The glowing light is a natural biological reaction, similar to that of the sea life in the deepest depths of our oceans.

 I am working with phosphorescent technology in search of a magic, meditative, hypnotic and spiritual experience. – Sam Spencer

See more about Spencer and his work: www.miscellanyinc.com and www.arttakeslondon.com


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