truly beautiful recycled art

I have seen recycled art project before, and sometimes it’s just not pretty.  The work of Haribaabu Naatesan is clearly an exception to the craft-project-recycled-art world:

Haribaabu Naatesam Haribaabu Naatesam, Caelifera (Grasshopper)
Size: 56 cms X 41 cms X 5 cms, (Sand witched Frame)
Medium: Mixed Materials

His creations are intricate and well crafted fine art, and his forms have a unique quality to them that I find intriguing.

Hari NaatesanHaribaabu Naatesan, Frivolity
Size: 59 cms X 74 cms X 8 cms, (Sand witched Frame)
Medium: Mixed Materials

“Hari’s” studio is located in Mumbai, India.  He creates his pieces out of discarded materials.

Art and responsibility to earth is rarely seen as effectively as it is visible in these beautiful iconic creations by this artist who makes mechanical fossils out of electronic wastes.  -‘The Pool’ magazine, Indian Edition, August 2, 2010

Haribaabu NaatesamHaribaabu Naatesam, Static Friction
Size: 76 cms X 76 cms X 5 cms
Medium: Mixed Materials

Naatesam uses mostly electronic waste from trashed motherboards, discs, cd’s, cell phones, and more.  See more of his work on his website:


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