they look computer generated

But they are not.  Davy Evans is a recent University of Brighton Graduate who has some interesting graphic design projects online.  This is a photograph from his project “////”:

Davy EvansDavy Evans, ////

You can find many inventive computer-generated designs online, (See Deviant Art sometime for an unusual, talented, artistic community) but these are actual photographs taken by Evans.

Davy EvansDavy Evans, ////

Evans enjoys a hands-on approach to image making, with little or no computer assistance.  These images were created by mixing household chemicals in water, and taking photographs with a macro lens.

Davy EvansDavy Evans, ////

You can see a video version, accompanied by space-odyssey type music, so appropriate to the mystical mixing,  on his website:  .  If you have time, the video is short, and well worth watching.  It looks like microscopic creatures coming to life.


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