hey, that’s swell!

The ninth annual Swell Sculpture Festival, held in Queensland, Australia, has just wrapped up.  Sorry I just found this news now – I’m sure if I could have notified you before September 9, you might have flown out there for it. They did feature some amazing pieces though:

School, by Richard HowieRichard Howie, School

Richard Howie’s sculpture reminds me of those roiling spheres of fish featured on The Discovery Channel’s Planet Earth.

Dion Parker The Breach Photography Steve HollandDion Parker, The Breach, photography Steve Holland

The BreachThe Breach, photography Steve Holland

What a wonderful art installation, where the pieces welcome interaction.

Jack QuilterJack Quilter, Dune Spirit

Approximately 50 large-scale sculptures adorn Currumbin Beach each year for this event. For 10 days, visitors can come and walk among the displays, day and night.  There are artist talks, a Public Art Forum, and the opportunity to participate in master classes and children’s workshops.  See more artwork on their website, as well as galleries from past years:www.swellsculpture.com


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