seeing what you don’t see

Most of us live our lives seeing one facet – going from task to task, focusing on what we are doing.  Peter Callesen looks at the world, and subsequently creates unbelievable artwork, from the things you normally do not pay attention to.

Peter CallesenPeter Callesen, Cut To The Bone II, 2008
Water colour and pencil on 120 gsm acid free paper, glue, and oak frame.
139 x 107 x 13 cm.

Callesen uses a single sheet of paper for each work – as he cuts, he must think of the object he creates by cutting it out, and also the shape of what is left behind.

Peter CallesenPeter Callesen, detail from Transparent God

This Danish artist works in a studio in Copenhagen. His materials are unbelievably simple:  Paper. Scalpel. A dentists tool with a rounded end to assist in folding and shaping.  Glue.

Peter CallesenPeter Callesen, Heaven and Hell, 2006 
Acid Free paper, glue, acrylic paint in painted oak frame. 134 x 127 x 11,5 cm.

There is a wonderful interview with the artist on You Tube that takes you to his studio, and gives you a glimpse into this artist’s world. See more of his work on his


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