shopping on monday

A little bit of shopping this week.  Just for fun.  Imagine you have the money to buy any and all of this wonderful art for sale! Let’s see . . . I’ll start with this:

Etsy:  copper cuffArtist “Febrarose” from Etsy, Continental Divide bracelet, $175

Artist Deb Horvath lives and works in Colorado Springs, and maybe you can tell that her inspiration for this piece is the Rocky Mountains. It was created from two copper cuff bracelets that were formed separately, then cold connected. Applying a heat patine created the lovely colors.

Febrarose from EtsyArtist “Febrarose” from Etsy, Aspen bracelet, $179

Febrarose:  Etsy artistFine Silver, PMC, Leather Dangle Earrings- Studded Ecuadorian, $69

Febrarose has an Etsy shop that can be found here:


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