gorgeous bubbles of glass

Being a glass artist, this medium is something I never get tired of admiring.  I have not tried blowing glass, shaping blobs of liquid from a furnace to transform them into vessels, or sculpture.  I can only imagine the delicate touch required to create “Shipment from California”, by glass and installation artist Hiromi Takizawa.

Hiromi TakizawaHiromi Takizawa, Shipment from California
blown glass, neon, wood

I wonder if they pop if you were to touch them, very gently?

Hiromi Takizawa(same piece,different view)

Hiromi TakizawaHiromi Takizawa, Crossing the Pacific Ocean, 2007.
Blown glass, neon, wood.

She was born and raised in Japan, inspired by native artists as a child.  She now lives in California, but her work is influence by both cultures. See more of her work at: www.hiromitakizawa.com. Her portfolio also features more pictures of the iridized glass bubbles – wonderful.


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