photos and poetry

Self-taught photographer yi-ching lin lives in New York, and posts her photos on a blog. If you scroll down below each photo, often she writes poetry to go along with the picture.

yi-ching linyi-ching lin photography

Her photos are protected, so I am unable to cut and paste larger images.  I hope seeing a few of her thumbnails will tempt you into looking at her sites: Yi-Ching Lin Photography:  waking up new is her blog, and you can also view her images on Flickr.

The simplicity of her blog is beautiful – she has a large image, usually labeled with a one or two-word title that succinctly describes the photo.  Then if you scroll down to the comments, she often writes a small evocative piece of poetry to go along. Inspiration for the day.

yi-ching linBreakfast
flipping . . .

between sunrise and
sunset, each ripened
moment can be
squeezed so
lovingly – whether
it is the sweetest of
mangos or the
sourest of kumquats

The site is addicting.  I flip from entry to entry, losing my morning as I want to read just one more , to see how she will describe the next beautiful image.  It makes me want to go out with my camera every day and follow her example.  I like the way she closes her “About” page on the blog: “Thank you for visiting.  Subscribe for daily sustenance.”  I think I will.


3 thoughts on “photos and poetry

  1. Thanks for visiting! I am finding that doing this blog, and also getting to virtually meet other artists like you is very fulfilling and motivating. It is influencing my own art and opening my eyes to the world. Have a great day, and keep up the lovely work!

  2. wow. that is so, so sweet. i am flabbergasted. Linda, thank you for your generous compliments. thank you, also, for sharing some wonderful delights from around the world. they’re eye-opening and inspire me to aspire! thank you, again.

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