functional art

I love it when art is functional.  Drinking from a pottery mug is always more satisfying than using a glass from Target. I also wish I could completely furnish my house with artistically designed pieces, rather than economical fixtures from the hardware store.  I admire some of the work done by Alicja Wasielewska, a Polish designer with a degree in Product Design.

Alicja WasielewskaAlicja Wasielewska, Morph Chandelier

So maybe this wouldn’t quite be the thing for my little country-french-type kitchen.  I wonder what it looks like in daylight – maybe just like a nest of wire?  But in this photograph, in the night, it looks like a magical swarm of fairie lights, or tiny firefly trails. Alicja uses optic fiber technology to create her Morph Chandelier.

Alicja WasielewskaAlicja Wasielewska, Essence Glass

Wasielewska designed this glass for the Bombay Sapphire Martini Glass competition. She was inspired by the unique way in which Bombay Sapphire is made, where the spirit is distilled through botanical leaves. Her intention is that the glass is essentially transparent, and it is as if you are drinking from the leaves.

Alicja Wasielewska

Alicja Wasielewska, Ribbon Bike Stand

Her elegantly designed bike stand is simple.  Designed for the Delft Technical Library in the Netherlands, it relates to the geometrical structure of the interior design of the Library. A beautiful, functional piece of art.


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