art in a grain of sand

It seems a little unlikely to me – a career photographer and filmmaker going on to earn a Ph.D. in biomedical research. Dr. Gary Greenberg has combined art and science in an extraordinary way. At the beginning of his career, he worked on the first Superman film, utilizing photos of cancerous human pancreatic cells to create the planet Krypton. He went on to earn his doctorate, and he was issued 18 U.S. patents for inventing the high-definition, three-dimensional light microscope. Today, he focuses his attention on creating art, allowing us to look a little closer at the world around us.

Gary Greenberg:  Maui RedDr. Gary Greenberg, Maui Red

His images show the intricate beauty within each tiny grain of sand.

Dr. Gary Greenberg:  Moon SandDr. Gary Greenberg, Moon Sand

The image of moon sand looks like it has bits of dichroic glass, the reflective glass that many fused glass artists, including myself, incorporate into their work.

Dr. Gary Greenberg: sugar crystallizingDr. Gary Greenberg, photo of sugar crystallizing

Visit his website,  to see more information, including galleries, links to articles and links to video.


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