niemi sculpture garden

On Sunday I took a leisurely drive with friends through the rolling hills and farm fields of nearby Wisconsin.  Our destination was the  Niemi Sculpture Gallery and Garden in Kenosha. We drifted through the meandering pathways, awed and amazed and entertained by the sculpture planted throughout the garden.

Bruce Neimi’s work is distinctive, with its curving, flowing slashes of metal.  The massive, tremendously heavy sculptures look like they could take flight at any moment.

The gallery features work by many other artists, as well as by Bruce Niemi.

Bruce began welding at the age of 12, with his father Frank, who was an ornamental iron artist and self-taught sculptor.  His gallery work has been featured at the SOFA art show in Chicago, and his pieces can be found throughout the United States.  Visit his website to see more work, including “External Flame”, installed at the Disabled American Veterans Memorial in Worth, IL, and “Remembered”, installed as a Memorial at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, IL.

Come back to my blog tomorrow for some close-ups on more sculpture, and information about some of the other artists that are displayed here.


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